Anyone going to the CES this weekend?



A few of the CD Freaks Staff members will be attending the CES in Las Vegas. I was wondering if there are some forum members going as well. Maybe we could have a little meeting over there.


Don’t forget why they call Las Vegas=Lost Wages. No, i’m not near enough anymore now that i moved from Cali. Have a good time :wink: Don’t forget to take pics and post them please :stuck_out_tongue:


And you don’t have to worry it is me that’ll be there waiting for you…

Seriously, I wish I could be there, sounds like great fun (heard some parts of your itineray…made me regret it even more that I could not be part of it :wink: )

Hope you have a great time and many people can join in…we had such a meeting in the Netherlands once, it was good fun to see the real people behind the nicknames on the forum…


Cool, how many people came?

I guess that was when most of the members where from nl, now it is all over the world.


Of what? Of certain, uh, non-gambling forms of entertainment in Las Vegas? :wink: :wink: Or of the stuff at CES? Or both? :bigsmile: Unfortunately, I will not be in the area. :sad:


code65536 > I’m sure you will have some good pics of both or all of the above if you go. I’ve looked at some your work :bigsmile: Now i see your edit :sad:


I don’t even know what CES means…




I wish I was going. :frowning:


What he said. :iagree:


And then you’re stuck on Houston airport for about 5 hours. Fortunately we discovered Starbucks and we brought a laptop with Wifi. Next flight to Las Vegas in 2 hours :frowning:


We were just talking about you MP|3. We were wondering where you were at.


It was actually me posting under Robins account, we share everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Houston is actually pretty boring but we happily took off our shoes and let us be touched by female security agents.


So still not reached Vegas yet then. We are all hoping for some pics of whats going on.