Anyone get updater to finish?

I figured I’d try the Nero updater for this new release I had installed. It appeared to start and then hang. Well, maybe it hung or maybe it had a lot to d/l but who knows.

Hey Nero VIPs, could one of you address this. It seems it would be helpful to have a time meter showing progress left. There was a 1.02mb/2.56mb thing showing but I had no idea what that was.(See attached) Is that the speed? Is that the d/l size? cause if it is then the d/l speed must be really bad. A title desciption of what those progress meters mean seems like it would make sense, correct? It doesn’t make sense to leave a person sitting there for maybe hours to see if it is going to finish.

I had a d/l rate for the full installer from your update page of around 300kb/sec.(and I wasn’t trying to d/l the full installer at the same time, that was after I gave up on the updater) I sure hope you are going to keep revamping the integrated updater because it doesn’t appear to work or work vey well.