Anyone Get the Plextor Rebate?

hey guys hows it going?

did anyone get the $30 rebate plextor was offering?

i got my burner for chrismas, and sent out the rebate claim the first week of january…

i hope im not getting screwed…

Let me tell you, I got a PX-712A in October and sent off for the rebate and didn’t get it until either Jan or Feb of this year, so while you’ll probably get it (check the status at it may take a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.

Thanks for the link Two Degrees. I sent my rebate Jan 19th. Checked the link, at least it reached them although it says “We have received your submission and it is being processed.” :slight_smile:

Mine took 10 weeks from BB. My PX-24-10-40A I bought from there a few years back took even longer if I remember correctly. I bought a Sandisk SD card for my son for christmas and got the rebate in about 5 weeks. They e-mailed me when they recieved it and when the check was mailed out, I’ve never had that kind of service with a rebate. Always best to call them or try the link from two degrees to make sure they recieved everything in proper order.

thanx guys for the quick reply’s

Two Degree’s thanx for the link, i checked out my rebate and they have recieved it :slight_smile: phew…

received and processing 1 of 2 of mine…i put diff addresses as the rebate is limited to 1 per household…guess they figured it out.

I got my $30 rebate on Monday, 3/7, after waiting 3 1/2 months. As i’m getting ready to go to the bank to deposit it, the rebate check says “VOID AFTER 3/06/2005.” The check is dated 1/05/2005. I am absolutely furious. Someone is going to hear about this.

Got my rebate check today, mailed it in last month.!!!

My brother and I bought 716A’s at about the same time and submitted our rebate forms within the same week. Decided to check the rebate status yesterday and it said one was being processed and the other was denied as a duplication. We both have the same address, last name and first initial G so some intelligent person at Plextor decided it was a duplicate and are now asking me for the sales receipt and bar code which I sent to them in a different envelope. E-mailed them explaining the situation and got back a request for the sales receipt and bar code again. I can tell this is going to long and drawn out because someone at Plextor dropped the ball. :a

Received here

Montreal, Canada

Send January 20, received March 15



My Best Buy is good about rebate help. I bought a Pioneer drive there many months ago, and the rebate place said that I didn’t include the UPC. I took my copies in to Best Buy, and they gave me the money right there on the spot. Just a word of warning, I’ve only had two rebates with “”, and had problems with both of them. They are as bad if not worse, than SOYO.

Mine says processing! Right! Sure! :Z :confused: :a

Mailed my $30.00 rebate for the Plextor 712A on
December 29, 2004 and received the check for
$30.00 on February 25, 2005. Not bad with all
the holidays in there!

sent mine out december 28

and now finally

Status: "Your rebate check was mailed on 14-Mar-2005. Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery. "

about time!


bought my 716A in December and rebate came middle of January…

pretty good concidering these other posts…

Sorry for dragging up this old thread. Did anyone keep the rebate form on their Hard drive. Got a Sorry Postcard from Plextor today saying no duplicates allowed. So I called and explained that there are two different Plextor owners in the house. They said the form says Limit One Per household. I read that rebate form over very well and never saw anything about one per household. Just wondering if some one had better sense than me and kept the form.

since i bought 2 PX716As from Best Buy, i had 2 rebate claims. what i did was put different names and addresses (parents on one), but to my knowledge, they only recognized one of the two claims. i’ve gotten one that i know of…hope to be surprised by the second.

Thx drpino.
Well you obviously saw the fine print which I didn’t or we would have done the same as you. Just don’t remember seeing it on the form and I usually read that stuff. Oh well. :sad:

I have it (if we’re talking about the 716A). Terms and Conditions clearly state…

Limit one (1) rebate offer per household as determined by Plextor in its sole discretion.

Drop me a private note with your e-mail address if you’d like a copy of the form.

Sent mine in on February 15. Still haven’t received it - says that it has been received and is processing.