Anyone found an anit-virus prog for Vista?

I can’t find a free anti-virus program that runs in Vista. Tried AVGFree, Avast, and AnitVir PE. All cause problems. Anyone else found one that works that has a resident scanner. I can scan wth Dr.Web CureIt, but would like to have a resident scanner.

Kaspersky works with both 32bit and 64bit versions of Vista. It’s not free, but you can try it out on trial. Active Virus Shield is free and based on the Kaspersky scanning engine, although i’m not sure if this has been updated to the new Kaspersky Vista compatible scanning engine yet.

Dont use Kaspersky. Every time I boot my system it scans 4400 files. I am using Vista Business. Use CA Antivirus. They are giving it awy free for a year !

Got NAV 2007 3-User for something like (net cost) $15 (tax & shipping included) after a great $45 CompUSA rebate. IT WORKS !! I actually downloaded the 15 day TRIAL (Vista version) from Symantec WEB site and then used the “real” code on the back of my (still sealed) CD inside the box. This (3 USER) product is on an even BETTER “SALE” THIS WEEK (CompUSA) and like I said… IT WORKS on my Vista (32 bit) Home PREMIUM edition on my Dell XPS410. I know many dislike NAV, but I have had great results with it for years on my XP PRO computers, and even before that on 2K, 98 and 95 machines !! Just my two cents worth…

There is an option to only scan new and changed files. I assume you don’t have this option enabled. :slight_smile:

Yes, Kaspersky will check EVERY file in the machine if you dont check new and changed files only box, takes forever with 4 drives. It also scans all startup system files every time you boot but thats very fast. Supposedly it uses smart tech so if your busy trying to decode or play a game it throttles itself back so the other proccess runs close to normal.
It does have a lot of options if you still have it installed, poke around and set it the way you want.

I tried many different option combinations and such and none of them work. I spent almost 2 days with it (Thank God for Acronis disk image software)

Too bad really, I like the software but like Larrry the Cable Guy said, how about a button that says Freakin Pass.

Well I’m not using Vista here at all, still on XP Pro and it works well in it and doesn’t slow the machine down as much or take up resources like my Norton did.
Maybe it works differently in Vista…

Seems to work the same on Vista 64bit. Works very well here. :slight_smile:

As a matter of interest. What is the spec of your PC?

have found nod32 to be great

Latest Nod32 - v.2.7 ll do the trick!

On the Freeware front AVAST! works a treat on both x86 and x64 flavors of Vista. Did I mention it was free? :slight_smile: