Anyone flashed a GWA 4082 to GSA?



hi guys

has anyone done this and found it safe to flash a GWA 4082 to GSA?
(HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4082N in full)

Chas0039 was kind enough to write

You are flashing from a generic drive to an LG drive. The drives are the same, but many generic drives will not accept the original firmware from the manufacturer. GWA is generic while GSA is official LG. Some GWA drives will accept the GSA firmware with no problem, but I am not certain about yours. That is why you should post another question in the LG forum telling them you have a GWA 4082 and you want to flash to the GSA version, asking if anyone has done this. Flashing firmware is a critical procedure when it is exactly what the manufacturer expected. Crossflashing between generic and official is a problem for BenQ, Pioneer, and others; they need a fix. Others don’t. You should check before you proceed and find out it would trash your drive.

really would appreciate your help


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