Anyone find a commercial dvd with no encryption?

I had never run into one until a couple of days ago. I picked up a used copy of Trial and Error. The only reason I bought it was cause Charlize Theron is in it—yum! Anyway, I popped it in the drive, fired up DVDDecrypter and was surprised to see it report that the dvd was unencrypted.

It is a New Line Productions release, so its not a minor company. This can’t be a common occurance, but has anyone else found a recently produced movie with no encryption? This movie dates back to 1997, but I have no idea when it was released on dvd.

They show up and I have found a few but you are correct in assuming that they are rare.

Every now and then you come across a dvd where the copyright owners/distributers have had the brains not to pay Macrovision for its useless copy protection.

The most recent one that I can recall was Mike Moore’s Bowling For Columbine but there probably have been others.

Aye. Or those cheap-ass dvd’s you can get at your local gas station. No CSS, no macrovision… Hell. even no stereo sound! :slight_smile:

absolutly loads about exspecially the ones you get with the dvd player deal b movies or old releases it costs to use protection and some manifacturers dont bother with encryption or macrovision