Anyone familier with Chilton disks

I recently purchased a Chiltons labor guide. Unfortunately it requires that the CD be in the drive at all times. If you’ve ever worked in a machine shop…you’ll understand the stupidity of this. I am attempting to make an archival copy to use at work and keep the $189.00 cd safe from damage.
Already tried Clone CD and Alcohol 120%. Program is based in Microsoft access.

To load you simply insert and install from the auto run. Then access the data from the original cd. No key codes or registration codes. Also help with a drive image on the hard drive would be helpful. Software drags running from the disk If I can’t solve t hese problems, probably have to return it…I hope :bigsmile: I have addressed these issues with the manufacturer and they don’t seem concerned. Look forward to your comments or suggestions.

Try ClonyXXL or A-Ray Scanner to determine what kind of protection is on the disc, then we can go from there.

You can try and make an image for the CD with Clone CD or Alcohol and use a Virtual Drive and try and run it that way from your HD, both programs come with a Virtual Drive, let us know how you go, if still you can’t get it to work some of the members might have a few more ideas.

Thanks gents…I’ll try tomorrow night…been swamped at work and it’s time for a couple of beers and relax…and it alll starts over tomorrow…eeek

Just scaned the disk …here are the results of Aray scanner:
[23:07:56 PM] Signs on CD/DVD indicate SafeDisc 2/3
[23:08:03 PM] — File(s) Scan Finished [7.23s] —
ClonyXXL said Version 2 and 5 skulls

Possible to backup?

Why don’t you install CloneCD in the computer at work. After that use the Hide CDR Media function: If you enable this option you could hide CD-R Media(the copy) from your CD drives, they will be recognized as Source CDs (the original).

So, with the CloneCD Tray enabled (the little sheep in the tray will be orange enabled or grey if disabled)you can leave the original at home.


I think I follow you…the problem i I can’t make a copy…tried with clone cd…and alcohol 120…I just get errors as soon as it trys to copy the data. Copys the install portion no problem…but goes wild with the data portion.

Don’t know much on this one, but see if there is a safedisc 2 or 3 profile/setting in Clone CD or Alcohol and go from there. I’m sure someone here that knows more about it can help you more.

@ Mad Machinist what type of errors are getting ?? Are you getting errors when Clone CD is reading the disk ? If you are that is natural and just let Clone CD read the full disk some times it might take a few hours to pass the start of the disk with all errors. Also what type of CD-Rom or CD Burner are you using to read the disk some are better at reading the disk than others.

Yes, some burners are 2 sheep burners and some are 3 sheep burners etc.

In other words, they read CD’s better than average, to make a backup.

I don’t know the name of those rated burners.

I think Lite-on is one but not sure which models within Lite-on.

Somebody else may give some more useful info. in that regard.


What burner are you using?

Tried with both a samsung and an LG…what happens is Clone creates an image to the hdd…I burn the image to a cdr…I can load the application from the cloned cd…but when I try and use the app to access the data on the cd i get an error message telling me I need to insert the correct cd.

Did you try this with your copy?

yep…no dice. Something is not allowing the copied data files to be read. When I explore the cd in Microsoft explorer…it shows Icons for all the files except two…and it has that icon windows put up when it dosen’t know what program to use to open the file, and the original shows up the same way.

As I said…I can install the ap from the clone…just no dice when trying to run it after install.

Yes, works for me.

Did you enable the clonecd tray from the program list.?

Start…Programs…Slysoft…CloneCD …click it.
Orange sheep should show in your tray.

I meant, had Mad Machinist tried what you suggested. lol :iagree: