Anyone familiar with internal IDE/Firewire adapters?



I am looking to purchase a new CD-RW in the near future, and am looking to avoid using my regular IDE ports. I was originally looking at getting an external firewire enclosure, but I think that an internal IDE/Firewire converter will be less hassle to deal with when moving my system around.

Anyone know of any decent ones? I have no experience with Firewire at all, as my current system is all internal SCSI. I do audio mixing, and a little bit (but increasing amount) of video editing, so I want to keep as many CPU cycles free as possible.



I don’t believe there are any internal USB 2.0 or Firewire optical drives (or maybe I just haven’t look hard enough). If your current drives are all SCSI, why not keep that trend by getting a Plextor 40x SCSI CD-RW?


I haven’t found any natively USB or firewire internal drives, but most external ones I’ve seen are IDE drives mounted into an enclosure that has an ide/firewire converter. I was just wondering if there were any adapters/converters that could be used inside my case, as opposed to getting an external device.

I looked at the Plextor 4012U, but according to CloneCD Website, that drive isn’t a “two-sheep” burner for correct EFM-encoding. I burn copies of everything (music, games, software, etc) that I buy as I am sick of having to buy something 2 or 3 times after I scratch/damage CD’s (my Metallica: And Justice for All disc has been purchased 4 times due to damage and theft.


Many USB/Firewire PCI cards have internal ports.


Originally posted by Chriso
Many USB/Firewire PCI cards have internal ports.

Yes they do…but I have NEVER seen an internal USB 2.0 or Firewire internal DRIVE. But maybe I havent looked hard enough either


One website selling the cards with internal ports actually say that they have never seen an internal USB 2.0 drive.


I’ve never seen a native USB or firewire drive either. As far as I know, they do not exist.

However, if you buy an external firewire/usb enclosure for an IDE CD-RW or the like, there has to be some sort of adapter or converter inside the box to allow the IDE drive to connect to the firewire bus.

What I’m looking for is an internal converter that I can put onto an IDE drive, so that an IDE drice can connect to my firewire port.


Do you mean somthing like this?

or this one?

or maybe this one?

one more



Yes! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.
Thank you!


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Yes they do…but I have NEVER seen an internal USB 2.0 or Firewire internal DRIVE. But maybe I havent looked hard enough either [/B]

These internal connectors are intended for using them with frontal firewire connections…


anyone purchase any of these?I think this is what I need instead of a 3rd ide controller.


Get a bridgeboard from

Also if you are all SCSI I would suggest the Acard IDE-to-SCSI converters. I have a few if you’d like to buy one.