Anyone familiar QTFairuse?, Trouble converting some songs to M4A

So I’m fed up with iTunes because of the bloat and want to use Foobar2000 instead. Problem is I have some iTMS stuff I want to listen to. So I ran them through QTFairUse (w/ updated config file) and got mixed results. Some songs worked, some didn’t, with some songs from the same albums having mixed results. Anything I should be doing differently?


Did you rip them to a music CD and then re-rip to your PC?

That usually strips the DRM.

Good point, the double-dip does wonders. Rather surprised more people are not running to conversion problems with iTunes. We have even noticed since the big break-out with non-DRM tracks, the actual archived tracks from say 5-6 months ago have been changed.

QTFairUse6 works great for me… I use the QTFairUse6console.exe primarily (command line/batch processing)… I’ve never had a problem and they have a forum at the old JTHymn site. Might be worth while to check out.

How so?