Anyone experienced bugs with the latest nvidia drivers?

I recently did a bunch of things to my computer, fiddled with virtual memory space, system restore, and a bunch of stuff in my bios. (I wasnt able to hibernate again). So next thing i know i cant even get past the windows logo at startup. I thought it might have been a virus as i had no internet security for the past few days (disabled with msconfig), so i restarted in safe mode, did a virus scan with the anti virus cd in the drive, no virus’s. As ive got two 7900gt’s i thought maybe there was a conflict or something, so i set the sli option to single, still no go. So, finally i realised that since what was happening was;
get to windows logo, the scrolling blue bar doesnt even go by twice before the lights on the keyboard flash, and the monitor is off, theres hdd activity for another ten seconds or so, and then just nothing. So i restarted in safe mode, uninstalled the cards and surprise surprise the computer starts up fine. I then installed the older drivers that came on my gainward cd, drivers 84.21 (as opposed to the troublesome 91.31), and rebooted, all is now fine and ive just been gradually switching things back on in the ‘startup’ tab in ms config. Keepin the clone cd startup process off as that might have been causing my problems i had with running F.E.A.R (‘cant find original cd’ message). It seems norton was not at fault as I thought.

Also ran Registry booster and fixed used it to fix any bugs in my registry, and did a ‘registry defrag’. Also ran security task manager just to see whats cooking. Im now a happy bunny. for now that is :clap: :slight_smile: Will remember to do this in future; use a piece of paper and check things off as you go to find the problem. Managed to keep my sanity, unlike the usual :slight_smile: :doh:

loaded after your post seems to work ok for me

Just tried it and works OK :slight_smile:

heh weird, maybe its just a glitch when using two cards in SLI?? I didnt have any glitches when i physically had only one card in a slot.