Anyone every buy from SMK Super Store?

Hello everyone,
I’m in the process of upgradeing a computer for my sister and she’s limited on cash, so in my search for a decent motherboard under 60$ I came acrossed a site offering an Asus A7V600-X motherboard for 58$ bucks.
But I’ve never bought anything from this site and I was wondering if anyone here could give me any idea if they are reliable or not.

Any info on this site would be apreciated. One thing that kinda bothers me is the site doesn’t tell me tax or shipping amount unless I put in my CC # and i’m not to comfy with that idea.

Thanks in advance.


Don’t take the chance so you can save a few bucks. Although their site says 95-2004, the domain’s registered on 21-Mar-2002. Their reseller ratings is horrible 4.26 life time w/ only 17 feedbacks.

Check out They have the moboyou want for $56 + $1 S/H (+ tax if in CA). Shipping is done w/ FedEx Express Saver, which takes 3 days, and sometimes 2 days. Check their feedbacks at They’re one of the most respectable online retailers on the net and their prices are always real good.

Thanks for the info,
As it turned out I just happened to hop on the site to look at prices and spotted it their myself. :slight_smile: So I went ahead and ordered it and a Athlon XP 2000+ with a 512meg ddr stick. :smiley: Grand total with shipping and tax was 164$ and change. So hopefully everything will install ok and I’ll have my sis back up and running in a week.

Thanks for info, glad to hear the newegg is so well liked.


Sweet system, your sis will love it.

If you ever want to get ffedback about online retailers, you can always check out

Do not buy from SMK Superstore! I will never buy from this site again. I placed an order on Saturday for two parts I needed. I received an order confirmation via e-mail and was told that I would have the part within 4 to 6 business days. On Monday my credit card was charged. On Wednesday morning, I e-mail them since I hadn’t received any shipping confirmation. On Wednesday evening at 5:30 PM, I received a one line e-mail saying, “We are sorry but the item(s) you ordered are out of stock and there is no ETA. Your card has been refunded.” It took them 3 whole business days to tell me they did not have my items in stock and that was after I e-mailed them. They charged my credit card before they even verified they had the items. This was a time sensitive issue and now they have wasted three whole days, plus I have to wait a couple days to get my money refunded. Plus, the site is still showing that this item is in stock. They need to get it together.