Anyone else using OS X out there? Wanna share some info?

I have had a Mac (first an eMac for over a year, now a new iMac) and have been exploring OS X a bit over time and am finding that for the most part I like it very much. But there is a lot to learn.

I wanted to know if others out there are using OS X ( I currently have version 10.4.8 ) and if so, if you might want to share info and talk about the OS.

If so, pleaes do post here and we can maybe learn a few things. :slight_smile:

Thing I learned today? That I can assign custom keystrokes to operations on an application by application basis from within the OS itself.

On Windows I use Maxthon, and find that the PREV TAB and NEXT TAB keys are great - simply CTRL-RIGHT ARROW for the next tab and CTRL-LEFT ARROW for the previous tab.

I was able to duplicate those same commands in Safari, so now I don’t have to use different keystrokes. Nice…

Yesterday I found out that you can’t use Samba to access a Shared Windows Printer if that share name has a space in it. I had HP PCL and HP PSCRIPT as my two shared items, and it would not work. Drove me NUTS until I found an obscure item via a long and arduous search of cached content from set 13 out of 19 or something.

All I had to do was share the same printers with a new share name that did not have a space in it, like PSCRIPT and PCL, and then it worked great. I can print from my iMac over my network to my HP laser. Suhhhweeet!