Anyone else think there should be a user trading/selling forum?

or is there a reason why there isn’t?

I know this thread isn’t about a deal, but I figured the people in this forum would be most interested in the concept. go ahead and delete/move this thread if you feel necessary.

i can understand wanting to keep a personal selling/buying/trading forum separate from a “bargains” forum, but I think there should be both.

mainly because i just ordered a set of ink refills and i don’t need a 60mL bottle of light cyan and a 60mL bottle of light magenta and I was going to give them away (for the cost of shipping), and the first people i thought of that might be interested were cdfreaks members!

I’m not sure if it’s been tried out in the past of there’s a specific reason that this forum doesn’t have that subforum, but yeah…just a little thought for discussion i guess.

(ps, if anyone’s interested in the ink, get at me. it would be the “photo magenta” and “photo cyan” from this set

Yeah I think there should be a buying/trading/selling forum section for members.

I think it’s a great idea, I have stuff to sell every so often and I also like to pick up used stuff.

i’m out of college and now unemployed and have nothing better to do. i’d volunteer to moderate if they couldn’t find anyone.

i’m thinking just keeping a sticky thread for user feedback at the top and letting people buy sell and trade to their heart’s content.

as long as people keep the bargains posts separate from the “hey guess what 'm selling” threads, i think it would work out really well.

i guess we should see if this thread generates any interest. if so, we can figure out who to go to to try and make this happen if people actually seem interested.


You (we) need to ask someone like DoMiN8ToR - who is in the decision making position-

I know we looked at it some time ago - and nothing happened - so be prepared for a rebuttal-eh!


bigmike, do you remember why nothing happened? were people just not interested in it?

if no one really seems thrilled by this thread i’ll let it go, but i’ll definitely look into it if it gets more of a response.


I personally think that the idea has a lot of merit-

But the Freaks Administration has their reasons - and sometimes it is not totally understood by the ‘little folks’ like us-eh!

As I remember - it was something like ‘who were vendors and who were individuals’ was part of the issue/decision- (also if you read the Huzzy stickie on ‘Rules And Guidelines For The Bargain Basement Forum’ - it specifically forbids individuals from offering to sell-


I agree, but the potential for abuse probably outweighs the positive aspects. There would have to be some “Good Seller” rating system and the international nature of the Forum would make for a confusing situation. I would hate to see the inevitable Ebay mentality slowly take over. Just some thoughts and things to consider.
Also, there are enough Nigerian phone sales posts now, and the possibility of more gives me concern.


Good points - and probably another aspect of the decision not to allow trading - or selling amongst ourselves-eh!


Trading is good depends on the item, I wouldn’t trade optical drive since we dont know how much tear/wear the user put on it. And I wouldn’t trade HDD since I dont know how many bad sectors are on the drive or the drive is gonna go bad soon.

It has been discussed before, and the main reasoning against it (If I recall correctly) is liability. There are just too many things that could go wrong and people might say: “Don’t buy or sell anything on CDFreaks, I didn’t get what I paid for/traded for/it was broken/it was the wrong thing/etc…” It could make CDFreaks’ stellar reputation become tarnished. :iagree:

I do not think we need one.
Most people change there stuff and I for one have people who are always trying to buy things I do not use anymore.
Also I would not like to see this turn into an ebay.

alright nevermind then. that’s why i posted this…to gauge interest.

i’ll be receiving that extra ink I mentioned, and it seemed logical to me to offer it to someone on here which then got me to thinking.

I figured if it wasn’t on here yet, there may have been good reason which was what I was asking about in the first thread.

worth a shot i guess.

I, for one, would be in favor of such a sub-forum here. There are many for-sale forums on other sites that I frequent, so it isn’t exactly a big deal, but I just thought I would weigh in in favor of the idea.

Trading is good, but dont forget, you have to pay shipping, for both ways. Thus not worth it. I am sure every1 in here have access to the internet and have some sort of retail stores near where they live. So why not buy the item directly from the retailers, of course wait till the item goes on sale, you get full manufacture warranty, 30 days return policy. Unless you are into antiquity then you engage in trading.

haha that’s what they probably told the guy that came up with ebay :stuck_out_tongue:

How about instead of making a system that you could purchase directly off cdfreaks, you could have a thread with cdfreaks members ebay accounts, with their locations, so that the people who wanted something would know that it would be from a reliable source (if the people had high ratings). Only potential problem is alot of spam on the thread, so an idea would be to ask moderators to add the account to the thread.


Or have a minimum limit of 200 posts before being able to add to the thread :wink:

Oh yeah, trading forum for CDFREAKS members does exist, it calls Ebay, Most CDFREAKERS, including myself, use it (handle on ebay: Ghetocowboy23, 258 positive feedback, 100% positive feedback).

Another problem that may scupper it. Law, the trading laws of our individual companies can vary widely.

Feed back systems can be faked, it happens on eBay even though they try to keep on top of it.

reason there are already rumblings along the way here in the UK that eBay’s excuse of being like a “for sale” section of a newspaper to try and get out of things is not good enough and laws may change. eBay also has an insurance policy too, though I believe this is only if you use the paypal system which they own anyway.

Iwould like to see buying selling Software such as Cyberlink Power Producer, and Elby ANY DVD and Clone DVD. How’s about it?