Anyone else see this? (RIAA/Music/Plz Look)

While looking for new future CD releases, to see what bullshit there is to avoid downloading, I came to RIAA to see what they might have to offer…Obviously the headline reads RIAA sues consumers, so that’s encouraging.

Anyways, I looked here:
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And found that their claims of losses might not be so valid. Check out their cassette sales. Yes, they ended up producing NEGATIVE 2 million casettes over the last two years.

Does anybody know how you can report -2.0million (I assume million, it would be ridiculous to assume they made -2,000) units made?

If the RIAA can lie about this, how can we take their reports on the production of CDs, which was in the 880s for 2001 and low 800s in 2002, which follows the all-time 10-year high of 942.

Meanwhile, nobody their though to include the average PRICE PER CD! They gave us the amount of CDs, and the value, so bada bing, calculate!

Doing so, I find this:

1993: $13.14 average
1996: $12.97 average
1999: $13.65 average
2000: $14.02 average
2001: $14.63 average
2002: $14.99 average

Simply amazing, the reason why people have chosen not to buy CDs IS because the price is too high. Prices shouldn’t go up, they should go down – the overhead price to produce is going down! Also note that the economy is generally downward in the last few years (intriguing how the production goes down when Bush takes over office).

Yet, RIAA sticks to their guns, thinking it is Internet P2P swapping that has caused them to produce less CDs, and make less money.

Last year’s sales were only 9% off their high in 1999.

That shouldn’t be too much of a loss, even though it is nearly $2 billion. Now, consider everything else that has gone on. Hell, we have a high rate of unemployment. Maybe it is because people’s unemployment checks aren’t good enough for them to go out and buy some $15 CDs every week.

Anyways, just something to think about.

Anybody willing to check out what were the biggest (ie top 10) releases for say, 1998, 99 , 00, 01, 02? Perhaps the general opinion of ‘they release crap’ is truly true, and not just a general all-around thought possesed by a majority of peoples…

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Surprisingly, all of that made 100% sense to me and is true! Good work joex!!


Originally posted by joex444
Anybody willing to check out what were the biggest (ie top 10) releases for say, 1998, 99 , 00, 01, 02?

rolling stone did this a few issues ago. i recall giggling.

Did you happen to save that issue? :slight_smile:

Any economists here know why CD prices might go up?
How much higher are these increases than inflation?

Importers from the far east have now made it a whole lot cheaper to buy mainstream CDs online for UK customers. (Cdwow etc)
Meanwhile all the music I seem to want is not listed anywhere and I have to go to the big record stores in London and pay upwards of £15 a CD. :frowning:

Mostly I’ve just stopped buying CDs; spend more time taping the radio now. BBC radio 3 Late Junction rules.:bow: