Anyone else running this new Delta fan



I ordered a Delta 120mm Focussed Flow Fan, it dropped the temp of my XP 1200+ from 69c too 49c/55c depends on what I am doing. I can tell you it sounds like a turbocharged Super Turbine.

Its that powerfull it's got too grills on each side too prevent the loss of a finger or 2, and thats no joke. I used too be able too listen too my mp3 tunes without a problem, I now have too turn the speakers up a notch too hear tunes, as for watching the TV, I can't comment I haven't tried. At the moment I am idle and its 51c, I noticed my mobo has dropped from 40c to 30c/31c.

If you do buy one be prepared for a might shock! The airflow is something is unreal, here are the specs:

Delta 120mm Focussed Flow Fan (FG-003-DE)
Delta offer more performance than anyone thought possible with the new 120mm Focussed Flow Fan. Pushing an incredible 190CFM the Delta 120mm Focussed Flow Fan offers the highest cooling performance currently available. Please note - this fan is not quiet!

Specifications :
» Speed - 4000RPM
» Output - 190 CFM
» Decibels - 59dBA
» Dimensions - 120x120x38

Cost = £19 and was well worth the investment. I guess my ears will get used too the level of noise and when I go to me m8s house it will be as though I am shouting lol, it happened b4 but I eventually got use too the fan noise and it didnt dominate my music or TV

Greetz from The Diplomat:cool:


Decibels - 59dBA!!!

Thats like having a really loud conversation goingg onin the background the whole time :rolleyes: - cant be good for your ears…


I got me the Akasa Silver Mountain cooler. Pure copper with a silver layer around it. Bloody thing costed me plenty and it makes a lot of noise indeed. Nevertheless you get used to it.