Anyone else having this problem with DVDFab Platinum?

Using latest version as of June 14, 2007…

I have always noticed this behavior with DVDFab Platinum installed on my system, but wondered if it was just me.

When I backup one movie, upon completion I click “ok” to the box notifying me that the files were created successfully. Click finish, and I’m back to a “fresh” DVDFab Plat. window. With the program still open, I eject the first movie, and insert a second. After analysing the newly inserted dvd, the program prompts me to send the dvd info to the dev’s, and crashes.

Basically, I have no way to continuously copy multiple movies using the same session of DVDFab Plat running. I ALWAYS have to restart DVDFab to copy the next movie. Any ideas?

This has happened to me once in a while with this and other versions. Doesn’t seem to happen as often if I keep the Preview window closed (I have it turned off in Comon Settings).

I’ve had this happen a very few times, but not in the last month or so. Sorry, I can’t tell you any more than that.