Anyone else having problems with Vacancy 2: The First Cut?

Using DVDFab HD Decrypter…having troubles with Vacancy 2: The First Cut…

Also tried DVD Decrypter…no luck.

It seems to play OK except for some stuttering, etc. in a regular player. May be some mastering issues, etc.

Returned the DVD for another, but same problem exists.

Just asking for others with similar issues and a possible solution.

Thanks in advance,

You might want to read the forum rules about coping rented movies.

Smart move editing out the reference to blockbuster.

always quote the post you are replying to that way they cannot edit the quote. Also I did this movie no problems so the disc must have a lot of finger prints and scratches on it already

Well, you assumed it was rented, so I removed the reference…they SELL DVD’s too.

But not that one as it’s still new, DVDFAB Platinum copied this movie with no problems with PP enabled using and BTW it was a waste of money IMHO as that movie wasn’t as good as the first one

truth is they do sell new movies to although they are several dollars more than most other places.:slight_smile:

Thanks, Jimbo, for the heads-up about the quality or lack thereof.

Maybe I’ll just avoid it altogether…