Anyone else having problems with"The Family That Preys"?


 Anyone else having problems with " The Family That Preys"?  It will not even load on the PC to be viewed.  It will play in the DVD player set on the TV though.
 I had a copy of the movie which would play on the PC, but I could not get a copy of it because of errors in VOB6.  I took it back and got another one.  This one will not even play on the PC.  I can hear the DVD drive trying but after 2 or 3 times the light flashes a few times and then stops.
 Is this some kind of new copy protection?

Thank you

I did this one with ease. Must be some bad presses of discs or something. I assume you mean Region 1.

Same here, No problem at all. If this is the only movie giving you a problem, it must be the disc.