Anyone else having problems with AdAware?

Hi there,
I noticed 2 days ago that I couldn’t get updated definitions for the free Lavasoft Adaware. Tried a couple of times, and assumed that something had happened to my installed copy, so decided to try a re-install.
However, the link to the download says the download doesn’t exist… there’s nothing on Lavasoft’s web site to indicate a problem.

Anyone else having problems here?

Hmmmmmm i just fired it up and got new definitions.

I don’t know why i get the news massage :confused: I guess there’s a newer version out :stuck_out_tongue: I only get the Definitions.

I just updated the definitions with no problems.

There is a new version. Supposedly its supposed to run faster. My average scan time on the full/deep scan went from 1hr to 2hrs now. Nice.


I just tried downloading in Linux - and have no problems (not that it’s any use in Linux).
That means I’ve got something screwy with my Win system.
Oh joy :rolleyes:

Huummmm, this is strange.
I can access Adaware and download fine in Linux, but not at all in Windows.
However, it only seems to be related to this one web site as far as I can tell… all other sites that I’ve tried to access today have been totally fine. :confused:

Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be? :flower:

Yo Honeybuns-

It’s because they know your machine is pro Ninja - change over to Pirates and all will be ok-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Proxy server configured in internet explorer?

Using Firefox, not IE.

Aye, that may be the case … but did you ever use IE? :wink:

But I suspect the most likely problem is that they have switched to the New version 7 & ditched support for version 6 :wink:

I installed the new 2007 version on a friends computer a couple of weeks ago and it gave me some error code every time you tried to run it. Installed the older version and it updated fine. Maybe a problem with the new version? :confused:

Just an idea: have you checked if your firewall is blocking something?

If you installed the new version, probably the firewall is blocking it and you need to set again permissions.

Maybe the Great Firewall is blocking her…

I already checked the firewall, and had a look through my firewall log incase anything odd was going on… can’t see anything.

I don’t think the Great Firewall of China has any impact because I can get onto the web site when using Firefox in linux.

@debro - I reinstalled Win a couple of weeks ago (when I was having my partiton issues with Suse install) and have not used IE since.

I’ve downloaded the updated AdAware to C: but through linux, so haven’t installed yet. It’s going to have to wait a few days now as I’m heading back to Canada :bigsmile:

Must be nice :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just re-installed the older version of Adaware that I downloaded in linux, with no problem. It updated fine and is scanning away at the moment. :confused:

@rolling56 - I’m in the airport waiting to go right now :iagree:
Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Hope you had a safe trip as it been 7 or so hours since you posted now. Must be nice to travel like that but the job part might? suck