Anyone Else Having Burnin' Problems With Prodisc 8x +R's?




Have been getting some pixilization problems towards the end of my movie backups-

Anyone else having problems? (notice that Super Media Store is showing the +R’s at about 2/3rds bar and the -R’s at a full bar)-
Wazup with that?



There are some particular Prodisc dyes that are supposed to be better than others. Could you give us some more detailed info on them?


Yo Jesterrace-

They show as PRODISCR03’s-

BTW - I’m coming to the conclusion that the NEC ND-3500a likes -R’s better - wonder why since the +R theory says that you get a better write - (??) - kinda the same thing I found out with both 2500 AND 2510 -



I agree, my 3500 is much happier with -R. My Liteon actually can beat with +R. That’s why it is a “theory”; it has yet to be proven scientifically.


I also have the same problem. Now I burn them at 4x. Much better results. You can give it a try and compare.


Ive noticed dye issues at the end of some Prodisc R03s. If you look at the disk after it burns look for missing dye at the end of the disk in a circular pattern.



Actually I have given up on the Prodisc 8x +R’s - going to send them to my burnin’ pal in So Cal who gets perfect burns on +r’s on his old Sony 500 - just got 50 Prodisc -R’s from for $22 = shipping- going to give them a tryout as the TY and Ritek -R’s do so well in the 3500 - I’ll keep you posted on the results-

Happy Burnin’