Anyone Else Have This?



Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has the same problem as me........if I remove a cdr from my liteon 40x writer it still displays the disc as if it were still inserted, its title cannot be removed unless I place a blank disc in there....its not really causing any problems but it never used to do do it...any ideas chaps?????


Is “Auto Insert Notification” enabled? Are you running any apps that might stop it? (CloneCD, etc.)


sirdavidguy…thanks for the reply, no I havent got clone on at the moment or any programs that impact on my cd writer that I know of and I have got auto insert notification on (win xp has a menu dialog appear when it detects a disc)…I have noticed however that it may be a low memory problem because if I reboot and try a disc in the drive it always changes back to the standard cdrw icon…until the pc has been running a few hours…then its back to staying the name of the last inserted disc!!! I am running win xp home on 256 MB DDR with video editing programs,edonkey,photoshop and a host of other memory hungry apps…I will test further!!!..thanks again…dave


Hit f5 and refresh…see if that helps…