Anyone else have problems with EPIC MOVIE -> PS3?

For some reason I thought I’ve seen issues before with Epic Movie, but search turns up nothing, so apologize if it’s been discussed already. I’m trying to burn Epic Movie to PS3… using ps3.default, then tweaking bitrate to 3072 and quality to 2-pass (I’ve also tried 1-pass, same result). Basically, it will begin writing the file, and a few minutes into the movie DVDFab will crash. Has anyone encountered this, and if so, any workarounds? I’m currently using DVDFab Thanks.

Start by upgrading to

Using… sorry bout the typo.

bump… one more last ditch effort to see if anyone is having issues with this movie? If not, then I guess I can chalk it up to a bad rip of the DVD. :frowning:

i dont know about the dvd to mobile options. but i know dvdfab can properly decrypt epic movie.

Try the new