Anyone else have a 1655 that smells?



I know, let the puns began. But I really would like to know if anyone else has a 1655 that smells like caps from a cap pistol. It smells just like a fried electronic component but the drive works flawlessly. As my warranty only last 4 more days I am hoping for some others with the same symptom.

This one took 8 weeks, three mis-shipments, and 5 RMAs to get here from BenQ service and I just don’t feel like sending it back.


there was already a thread about this i think. someone had a pretty good explanation for it…but of course i forget what it was.

they said if the smell doens’t die down over a couple of weeks then there might be something wrong, but it has something to do with something inside the drive (i’m so decriptive aren’t i?)

do a search, you’re a smart kid…you’ll find it :stuck_out_tongue:


mine had a smell right out of the box even before i installed it



Thanks guys. Now I feel better, especially after the great technical explanation. I would never have done a search for “smell”. Now I know better. Someone should have filled in BenQ service, but then why should this information be any different. One thing I hope they are right on; they said that the 1655 has almost zero returns. Nice to know after all the problems with the 1620.

I know the burns are nice. :iagree:


I just received a 1655, and it smelled a little at first, but not anymore. I try not to burn discs repeatedly on it. This is an OEM version (no BenQ logon on the front) that I received from BenQ after returning a broken DW1625 which failed Lightscribe, and was still under the 1 year warranty.
I’ve noticed the drive light is always on, whenever there is a disc inside. Is it always spinning in there, or not? My other computer drives don’t light up unless the disc spins. If it always spins inside the 1655, then that would be a waste of energy and wear out the drive. Hmmm…I am tempted to take it apart and see :slight_smile:


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Yes, this is normal for green light to stay on while disc is in drive. No disc is not spinning. When this is happening the drive is ‘busy’ whether this is down to reading or writing. Then green light flashes.
So no light = no disc.
Light on = disc in drive.
Light flashing = drive busy reading/writing.


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