Anyone else got this problem on 241040b

I have a LG dvd 8160b 16x 40 read and Liteon 241040b.When i try to copy a cd from my lg to the liteon on the fly at anything above 10 x the liteon will keep pausing with the yellow light on and then write again then pause again.I am using the latest firmware for the liteon and use clonecd.Each cd takes about 9 mins to burn using this method.My mates identicle 241040b does it in about 3/4 mins.Please help me sort this out:

My computer is:

Athlon xp 2000
harddisk 40gb seagate
512 DDR mem
windows 98 se

It seems that your reader could not keep up with your burner, a typical buffer underrun situation. Make sure the DMA function of your LG DVD-ROM is turned on under the Device Manager, assuming you have the latest IDE driver installed already.

Theoretically, your reader could reach 40X read speed, and the burner’s maximum writing speed is only 24X. In reality, the reader’s DAE is probably less than 40X even with DMA on. You could use the Nero CD speed to find out your reader’s true DAE speed and whether it can keep up with the burner.

Yes as already said:

1: both reader and writer should preferrably not be on the same cable.
2: make sure DMA is enabled for both devices.
3: Protected stuff, Music, VCD and other mode 2 discs is normally not read at full speed. Many readers is locked to 8X reading for these things…

The source drive has to provide the destination drive with data at least twice as fast as what the destination drive is writing it for on the fly copying without buffer underruns…

So even if your DVD drive is capable of sustaining its maximum of 40X it still isnt fast enough to supply the Liteon with a burn speed of 24X. BUT this may not be the reason, please dont take it too much to heart.

Thanks all.I have used nero cd speed and it seems to detect the lg drive to run at a max of 14/15 x speed,That could be my problem.Looks like i will need to get hold of a faster dvd drive or cd drive.Anyone now a cheap one to get?.