Anyone else get extremely good scans on Made in Taiwan Fuji cd-rs by Prodisc?

This is from a slightly scratched/dirty disc, burnt at 8x. I believe it may have actually scored 100 when I scanned it yesterday

I also am getting perfect scans on prodisc brands - these where of eproformance and smartbuy. Is it possible?? - better scans than tdk!!

Hmm highly unrealistic result. While it is what the drive reports I have huge doubt that the results can be generalized for other players.

But hey I would be more then happy proofed wrong !

for audio cd that is ok. Remember this isnt a dvd. I have seen scans simular on cds.

I’m not sure whether your drive is good at scanning… better try scanning with another drive to confirm it.

I think you’re using an BTC-Drive which isn’t good at scanning CD’s like my BTC 5232 drive(unrealistic scan results=>too low c1 errors are reported) ).
You should use Liteon/Plextor CDRW-drives for error scanning!

pionneer :smiley:

You should, however, avoid scanning CDs with Lite-On DVD burners :wink:


Talking of Prodisc…my LiteOn 1693S seems to like them a lot, but my LG drives aren’t so keen.