Anyone else get different results w/ same media?



Can anyone add to this so I can determine if either I or my drive is defective? I got a plex 716a about a week ago, and have been doing some burning/testing to determine what works well in my setup. I was testing Philips 8x DVD+R (CMC MAG E01) which plextools reported as having very good quality. I then tried some Memorex 8x DVD+R, which DVDinfo reported as the same CMC MAG E01. I expected to see the same high quality, but instead got much worse results on Jitter/Beta, and TA results. I was surprised to see the same media with such different results. Is this common to see such variation in, I guess, different batches of the same media? Thanks for any help.


It’s common to see. You should expect variations using CMC MAG media. I even see variations using MCC (8x) media lately.


Yes, this is normal. In the best case quality differs from one package/spindle to the next, in the worst case the quality differs even within a package/spindle. This is IMHO one of the prime advantages of owning a Plextor drive. You can check a batch of media for yourself before putting them to use.

When a disc is produced, the dye is applied and the pregroove is stamped into the dye. The pregroove is the ‘empty’ spiral along which the data is burned. Now the stamper used in a production run is only good for a certain amount of discs. The quality gradually degrades the more discs are produced with the same stamper. Different grades of quality therefore emerge from a single production run and are also sold accordingly (for example the Plextor branded Taiyo Yuden +R8x DVDs are high quality from the beginning of a production run). Depending on how many discs a manufacturer wants to squeeze out of a stamper before using a (costly) replacement will determine the difference of quality you’ll see from a single brand.

Unfortunately CMC seems to have a rather large span of quality in their production. They produce high quality for other companies (Verbatim, for example) but also deliver very low end resellers likewise.


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