Anyone Else Burning Out Dvd Burners?

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask the group here if they experienced this with DVDFab. I been using it for months with no problems for the most part.
Last week my Burner died, SO i replaced it with a Pioneer 111-d burner and all was fine again. Today a week later, im starting to see I cant burn CD’s anymore, and my DVD copies are starting to have freezes in it. Very weird but I think I just burned another DVD Burner up… Anyone else ever have this problem?
How long should a burner last? How many copies can you make until it burns out? I had this problem twice now after about 35-50 copies. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Im using Windows XP and DVDFab Express, and until now its been fine, but 2 burners in 2 weeks seems very odd to me.

Thank you all in advance.

might just be bad luck…have used Fab for over a year, no problem with liteon 1213s and 1693 burners… However note my first burner was a Madog, and basically a piece of crap - from compusa in USA - and died like in your post. Like Govideo, still have a website, but basically both flaky companies, each with very unreliable products. Doubt in anyway Fab responsible for your burners demises…Also, make sure you are using quality dvd media, you cannot rely on store brand name (Sony, Memorex, ect.). Stick with a legitimate manufacturer such as Taiyo Yuden for single layer media, and verbatim for DL. Are there others?, sure these are just examples that I have had luck with. Even CD blank media needs some scrutiny, but generally far less sensitive to burns.
One final note, with Fab, a rip/burn should take max 45 minutes. If significantly longer, there are issues with your secondary controller settings (should be set and hold at “dma enabled” if ide burner), or the burner itself. Hope this helps.

Get a volt meter and check the voltage for extremely high or low. Yellow should be be 12V+/- and red 5V+/- a few tenths. Example 11.8 or 4.9 etc. Post back your readings. Here is a link to the reference manual and approved media for this drive.,,2076_17573091_302357565_tab=D,00.html?compName=PNA_ProductDetailComponent