Anyone else a fan of Cartoon Planet, with Space Ghost, Brak and Zorak?

Saw a replay of some of those cartoons and was laughing my tail off. Brak singing Mashed Potatoes and the classic Don’t Touch Me just had me rollin’ in the aisle.

I can hardly wait till this thing comes to DVD. I’m all over it when it does.

Anyone else like this show?

Cartoon Planet? Here it’s on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block…

Anyway, Brak was a favorite of mine. My all-time favorite episode was the rap contest. Especially Thundercleese’s part.


The new show Metalocalypse is pure genius, also.

I have the BRAK show, but that ain’t the same as Cartoon Planet.

In Cartoon Planet, Brak has brain damage and it’s hilarious.

same … i agree