Anyone do Sweeney Todd (region 1)yet?

I am planning on picking it up tomorrow and I know some of you get them early. Thanks.

I have made a full backup of it with lastest releasre of DvdFab…No problem at all…Bob…

thank you

I made a “full disk” and a “movie only” without any problem.:iagree:
Love this program.:bow:

I’ve tried this a couple times but it only rips the first hour of the movie. What might I be doing wrong?

Tell us more about ypur problem.
Whay error messages are you getting.
What version of Fab are you using.

No errors… It just rips the 1st hour using the iPod.mpeg4 option!

I tried several times and I keep getting this error:

Task_1 failed! Error=102(VTS_03_1.VOB 93802496 548864)

Hi inky_greenoak,

Error=102 means reading error, should be a bad media, please exchange a new disc to see the result.

Best Regards,

Sweeney Tood worked fine for me. I always use the “Clone” function to start.

Has anyone done the movie The Mist? I tried with & W/O Path finder full disk and movie only haven’t been able to back it up.

T.Gill, are you using the latest version of dvdfab? It backed up fine for me full disc using dvdfab platinum You must have a bad disc.