Anyone copy syphon filter 2



i couldnt copy syphon filter 2 there was and error and i couldnt get past it...i used nero,cdrwin,gear replicator..did anyone copy it....thanks


I just finished it 10 minutes ago with nero I had no problem.


its good for you but doesnt help me any…


Try again and if that doesn’t work try CloneCD
Download at
It makes exact copies of a game.
I also made a copy of it in 5 minutes with my 16x writer and it works.
I think you are an rookie in copying.


i have a yamaha 6416 so i cant use cd clone
and ive been copying for over 3 yrs now and have at least 300 backups just in psx shit not counting pc crap…every once in a while you come across something that you cant copy 1 out of 100 isnt bad odds…but thanks for your help anyway…