Anyone copy Kingpin successfully?



I was able to copy Kingpin only after I copied the Kingpin original CD to my harddrive. It burned OK, and install fine. However when I go to play a game vs. the computer I get an error saying “please insert cd”…is there some sort of copy protection?


A game VS the computer? You mean a regular 1 player game? Get the cracked exe. at Also to play the original CD I think it needs to be in the lowest CD drive letter. To see if this is the case try playing it from the burner.


You can copy it fine, but
you wil have to get a crack.
If you get it from:
You’ll have to run the crack in the
installed dir.

Good luck


To copy Kingpin…and MANY (all ?)other games use “PSX COPY v6.0” ·
Maybe it isn´t the best burning program but it is the easiest I ever tried. (push 3 buttons with the mouse! Ready!)

PSXCOPY copies even COPY protected discs !

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BTW…if you use 80min CDR for Kingpin you don´t need any crack or fixed exe. it´s just oversized !