Anyone copied ultima 9 yet?



if so, could you give info on how and with what? i have tried many methods i have see for discs with safe disc protection, and none seem to work…


Copy the ULTIMA9 GAME DISK in a TEMP directory then burn all with nero burning.
Do the Same with ULTIMA9 INSTALL disk.
Then you need to download the crack (http:\,choose the full installation (1.6 GB) and apply the crack.
Ultima9 has a lot of bugs so you have to download the last pacth 1.18(


i have tried that, and got the cd burned, but when i try to install, i get “blah.exe is not a valid win32 application”

any other ideas??


Ultima9 will not copy by kroller’s way.Use
Nero 4.0+ on the fly & write to a RW CD,it
will ignor all errors & take about 40 mins
depending on your cd speed,4 speed is fine.
Then use same to burn to your CD.Then use
patch from or www.mega will work for all safedisc
protected games."Use a RW first for some reason no overruns.


To coalman.Use version of nero that has wizard & use copy wizard & do not change any settings.I have used this method for 4 months & have made no coasters.