Anyone compared with Plextor Premium-II and CDR Recorders' audio burning quality?

I have Plextor Premium-II but no CDR Recorders. Anyone can give any advices about the comparison with them? Thanks very much:):bow:

Why are you specificly wondering about the [B]audio[/B] burning quality? It wouldn’t change if the data would be recorded as mode 1 or 2. :wink:

The real thing is that we can exactly feel the difference from various recorders’ recording product with Hi-Fi audio system’s playback. And, I believe it causing by the burning jitter. But it is very hard to measure the exact value of jitter with our ordinary devices. So we need the listening comparison.

I know what you’re referring to. I haven’t made any serious listening comparisons by myself yet, but I’ve heard about people claiming being able to distinguish between different media, write speeds or even recorders, etc. just by listening to the reproduced audio.

Many of them now start to “tune” the media and devices to retrieve the data with as little jitter as possible. Blinded by all their enthusiasm they forget the power of the logical derivation which tells a critical mind the following:

If the data of digital media can be copied without any loss (and this is the case), jitter alone can’t prevent this as long as it is low enough to allow the receiver to recognize the data correctly. Knowing this, all a perfectionst needs is an external DAC whose clock operates independently from the incoming data. An example - as promoted - is Benchmark’s DAC1.

Any exotic belt driven or shielded drives promising better readings or special digital cable connections - even when changing the resulting audio at the end - are simply the wrong approach because the ultimate cause for sonic differences has to be fixed at the end of the chain - where the influence within the converter begins.

Be aware: Many statements made in so-called “professional” magazines are mostly completely wrong or at least often factoids.

“ultimate cause for sonic differences has to be fixed at the end of the chain - where the influence within the converter begins.” - that could be true but it’s not.
reality is that different CD transports connected to same DAC give different sound and that’s why people buy various CD transports - otherwise one generic would be enough, wouldn’t it? And quite the same for CDs - copies sound a bit different and that taste depends not only on writer but on media as well. And I guess one can’t draw conclusions on resulting sound based on C1/C2 errors or jitter - that’s only statistics of recording quality but not of the taste of sound. Right CDRs and CD recorders can be chosen only by listening tests… if one has patience to do them :slight_smile:

Audiophiles… :rolleyes:

Audiophiles are the kinda guys thinking that lossless compressed audio data sounds different than WAVs, or that there are sound quality differences between different brands of CD-Rs :doh:

I on the other hand, considers myself to be a subjectivist :slight_smile:

CU, Martin.