Anyone Checked into the new DVDR3400?

HDMI output, USB port, 12 hour recording on Dual Layer discs, plus some other features.
I guess they’re around $169 or so.
Heard anything about them?

I was just reading about this recorder on the Philips website.
It certainly looks good on paper, it has a HQ mode and what I like about it is the DV input which is a must for me. :slight_smile:
Having a Sony HC1000 DV recorder means I can record the DV tape direct onto a DVD+RW using this recorder & then I can put the DVD into my computer and import the video for editing.
At $169 that’s a bargain, as the British pound is kicking ass at the minute that makes about £100, but being ‘rip of Britain’ I will assume it is a bit more expensive than that.
As I have been so loyal to Philips since the launch of their DVD recorders I will see if they will do a straight swap, I will give them my DVDR1000mk2 which is unreliable, for the DVDR3400 model, it would be good for customer relations.
What do you think? :iagree:

Do you know if it possible to upgrade DVDR3400 with a Hard Drive? It would seem reasonable if it is the same boards as in DVDR3450.

I have the 3400, at first I was happy because the unit could burn dvd- and dvd+ but I’ve since had a few issues that are annoying. I purchased the unit to backup family vhs tapes and it worked fine. The remote is poorly designed as is the editing functions, I no longer rename or add chapters because of the hassle. The end product is good but the resulting disc is not copyable! I’ve tried every dvd copy program (Nero, DVDClone, FabDVD, et al; ad nauseum) and none of them recognize the disc as a compliant format. My only recourse is to re-encode the vob files in an authoring program which takes 4 hours. I may still return this unit for a different manufacturers product.

I hear few positive comments about Philips DVD Recorders. :eek:

Same here from most of the reviews they are supposed to excellent.:clap: I just bought a Pioneer and it has a few problems with played dash media discs, but mostly it is good. I think the Phillips are on sale at Best Buy. Not sure if it was this week though.

Some day I may have the $ to try out Philips and Pioneer DVD Recorders, but as of now I must stick with the 4 DVD Recordes I have now. :o

I would be more than happy to test them out and post my reviews. :eek:

Absolutely yes strngbrw.

I purchased this machine6 weeks ago and I have the same problem. I managed to copy 1 or 2 but the rest as you clearly said i.e. are not copyable. When you finalise the disc it will end up with a very strange format.

I had high hopes on this machine but in reality Philips are a way back than other DVD recorders. In my opinion it is much worth to spend some more £££$$$ and you wont regret it in the future.

I like Philips take note of this.

Hopefully philips will bring out a firmware update for the strange format, unless they are doing it on purpose so you can only plat it on there player, bad mistake if they have done that. I am also interested can you fast forward/rewind when playing a divx file, rather than having to go via a menu.

That copyable issue is relatively new for me. Until recently I’ve been using the 3400 to record my home video from a Sony minDV camcorder (via 1394) to DVD+RW disc. I then took the disc to my PC where I used Nero Express 6 (6.3.x.x) to copy it to one or more DVD+R discs. I’ve been reusing the same couple of RW discs for this task.

Until recently this worked perfectly. The first time it failed was after I updated the version of Nero I had using a newer version of Express 6 included with a new external burner. The version refused to “see” anything on the +RW disc (literally said it was empty). I tried Nero’s official latest update for 6x from their site ( with no difference. I finally stepped back to the original version from the installation CD that came with my other burner (back to 6.3.x.x), which again saw the content of the disc and copied it fine. Interestingly, other software, such as Sonic RecordNow 6.7.1 is able to both ‘see’ and copy the content to a new DVD+R with no trouble in these situations.

I thought all was well until last evening, when I started having issues again. The first was when I attempted to copy the +RW of a ~49 minute basketball game (daughter’s grade school tournament). The disc was seen, but the copy only had around 10 minutes of the recording. Thinking Nero was again at fault, CloneDVD2 was used on the original disc. It actually “repaired” the invalid disc structure (whatever that means) before copying the disc. I think it actually re-encoded the vob from the +RW disc before burning the new +R disc. In any case, the final disc was correct, including the menus originally produced on the 3400. This was the first and so far only time I’ve seen this issue.

But I also recorded another +RW disc as part of my ongoing project to back up our old VHS collection to DVD. This disc came up as “empty” in Nero again, despite the version of Nero working on my other +RWs to date. Again, RecordNow was able to ‘see’ and copy this disc where Nero wouldn’t. So I’m at a loss with what’s different about the disc that keeps Nero from seeing it (and also why some are seen by the older Nero while some are not, and NONE are seen in the newer releases).

At any rate, since the VHS transfers are pretty straightforward (only need 1 copy), I’ve taken to burning straight to +R in the Philips 3400. This not only eliminates the worry about whether or not the +RW will be correct, it saves a lot of time. But I’m stuck when transfering / editing / making multiple copies of my home video from miniDV. At least I have easy, reasonable workarounds in place for everything. It’d just be nice if everything worked the way you’d expect.

The philips recorded discs show up with a single audio track on your PC until you finalize them.

Depsite the manual flatly stating you can only finalize DVD+/RW discs, in fact you can and you must finalize DVD+/-R discs before your
PC will see them as DVDs.

My issue with the DVDR3400 is that it outputs YUV colorspace across the HMDI output and at least with my Viewsonic
N3260W the devices can’t seem to negotiate RGB instead.

So every time I switch between my HTPC and my DVDR I have to go into the setup controls and change the colorspace! Boo.

I have an octava switch which just arrived in the post but the 2 page manual mentions nothing about colorspace mapping and I don’t really want to make my PC output YUV even if I could.

Anyone know if a recent firmware upgrade will fix this issue?

So is this unit worthy $139 or not?I got a liteon,sold it and replaced it with an Insignia that I got last Labor Day (became a lemon last week), with great difficulty returned to Best Buy and got store credit.So before buying another dvd recorder I want to if this is as good as DVP5960, in terms of features,in terms of stability and in terms of frequency (firmware upgrades).

I see that it has a USB 2.0 support unlike 5960 which offers 1.1
Reviews on amazon,cnet and videohelp are negative…and most common complaints are:
a) Remote not responsive most of the time
b) Lip sync issues
c) DVDs discs burned on this are not compatible in other DVD players
d) folks have trouble making a copy of the disc burned on this player