Anyone care to try the LTR-48246K firmware?

I’d like to thank Kowanski for sending it to me, it’s version SKS7 and you can download the binary here: SKS7

I flashed it onto what shipped as a Memorex 48MAXXv2 and it read all disks fine, but refused to recognize any Writable media and could not burn either. I do not think that the 6K firmware will work on the 6S drives, but if anyone else wants to give it a try I’d appreciate it. I have my drive safely flashed back to the 6S0D firmware for the LTR-52246S now.

If you try it, please post back here if it worked or not, I’d just like some confirmation.

Below are some pictures of the box and of the front of the drive. It looks a lot like the recently announced LTC-48161H combo drive…

Cool, new box art also cool.
Made in February, strange nobody seen these before… :slight_smile:
Let’s see if we can see some tests.

Does this mean the drive is based on the MediaTek 6 chipset or another chipset?

I believe that it uses the same MT chip, but some other component is different. Either the pickup head or the memory or something. I don’t think that it is really newer than the LTR-48246S.

Interesting! I saw this link on CDRLabs. I noticed that the design of the faceplate is different. It is not flat and the tray eject hole is in a different spot. I noticed that this drive isn’t listed on Lite-On’s site, though. Are there any differences in the functionality of this drive compared to the 48246S? Thanks!

Not really, so it seems. It looks capable of being overclocked to 52x if we can ever get a LTR-52246K firmware. The Faceplate design is just like that on the new Combo drive from Lite-ON and I bet that they will shift over to this look now. I like it a lot.

I like it too. :cool:

Originally posted by Airhead
Cool, new box art also cool.
Made in February, strange nobody seen these before… :slight_smile:

I saw it with my very eyes yesterday - a tiny little box, much smaller than the former red one.
I gently asked the seller to open up the box in order to make sure whether it was a 48246K or not, which it was.


I’m not sure how long it has been up, but it is now mentioned on here:

I got my LTR-52246S in that same kind of box, but with different speeds on the box (if necessary I can post a pic), but the drive is flat at the front like this:

I tried to flash 48246K with 48246S firmware and that was not good idea. CDRW didn´t recognize any CD. No reading, no writing, no chance:-(

Thanks, I guess S & K are not as compatible as S & W are.