Anyone care to recommend me a burner (details inside)

I’m building a new gaming rig, and I’m looking for a good “Two Sheep” IDE Dual Layer DVD Writer (preferably 8x-10x). I’ve been browsing around for a couple days, but the amount of information is staggering. So I figured someone here might be able to help out (or at least point me in a good direction). I’m partial to NEC and Plextor, but I’m not opposed to trying something new (pending it meets my requirements). So can anyone make some recommendations?

here is a thread with a few recomendations.
Part of the problem is that there really is no one best burner. There are several that are good. They all have their strong and weak points though. I would find a few that you are interested in, and read the last page of the review on it here. The last page generally lists out the strong and weak points of the drive so you can compare. I dont have one of the newer nec’s, but I get the impression they are not as good as some of the older ones (glad my 3500 is still working great). samsungs are decent. I just got one and with dvd burning (about all I have done so far), it burns extremely well on a few select medias, with the rest it is average at best (that could be good or bad depending on your needs). Liteon and lg might be other drives to look at.
Here are the reviews by the way.

You are getting the good advise from ripit just do it.

Well I did as you asked, put in a couple more hours of research, and decided on the Pioneer DRV-111DBLK. Seemed to have some great reviews, not just here but in general, and the sturdy construction is a big plus in my book (I hate flimsy trays etc.).

What’s the word on copying Safedisc v2.90 with this drive? can it be done with extra software utilities?

Then you are from those type people seek the advise of others and when you get it you do the otherwise.

What you see above was the advice I got… So I did exactly that. I went into the CDFreaks reviews section and started reading reviews. The Pioneer appealed to me (so I checked it out elsewhere to confirm it’s review). I never said I was limiting myself to NEC or Plextor, I simply stated I was partial to them as I have used them in the past and been very happy.

So exactly how is that “[I]doing the otherwise[/I]”? Especially after [B]you yourself [/B] told me to listen to him.