Anyone can tell me what this media is?

Today i just bought 50 DVD-Rs named Octoplus but Kprobe and DVDinfo are not able to identify it. can someone tell me what this is? I’ve tried to burn some but the results are not good (worse than Princos’). is it because the drive’s used default write strategy to burn the disk? Here one of the scans. Is there anyway that we can assign a paticular strategy to this kind of media to improve the result? Thanks alot.

There are some shady manufacturers who don’t even bother to put a media code on the disc. This seems to be one of those.

DVD Identifier will give you all information of all “known” media. :smiley:

Don´t expect much from “no name” media… I should return it at once. :confused:

Yeah but then again DVD identifier has quite some inccorrect stuff.
Also it doesn’t have all "known"media. I personally know some more.
BUt still it’s a nice free tool to get the MID’s.

According to my info octoplus is made by
Octoplus Technology CO., LTD
which is a taiwanese companny.
They use/used multiple stampers from different stamper manufacturers.

Thanks for the info. I’d better not buy this kind of media again.