Anyone can help... VHS to Pc... Looking for cheap Hardware

Hello Guys…

I like to copy 5 VHS Movies on my Computer.

Is there any good Hardware avaible at an affordable price?

The Miro DC10 Plus seems to be a good Card,anyone has it and like it?

When i spend around 600 Hfl. for a Moviegrabbercard it must be real good…

Any other Products? other Tests…?

Please help…

For that budget the Miro DC10 plus (from Pinnacle Systems) is a decent card.
But if you only plan to make VideoCDs and not plan to really edit the movies to store them back on VHS you might want to consider the MP10, with hardware MPEG compression (though in lower resolution I believe).

you can get a cheap tv tuner card the hauppauge card that I use has got a tuner input and a composite video input. Simply connect your vcr to the composite in of this card using a SCART cable and you can record anything you want with a descent quality, this tv card costs about $50,- .