Anyone burned Tuffdisc MCC003 @ 12x on NEC?



If so please post a scan so I can see whether they are worth a go :slight_smile:


Heres a scan of one I did this morning on my NEC3520 (looks good). Can’t get 12X on the f/w I’m currently using.


I got some of these a while a ago and the recording and playback was ok. I have noticed the price has come down quite a bit on these and would consider buying them again. The ones I bought are packed in 100 pack cakebox and they have a mixture of mid codes. TTG,MCC and CMC. They are also oveprints. At the time I didnt buy more as the price between them and other discs wasnt big enough to warrant using them.

I have noticed that these are now being sold for 14/15p each at that level I think may pick up a pack next time I need discs.


The max PIE looks a little dubious. I have a feeling they would fail at 12x unlike Verbatims.


I can’t write Verbatim MCC 003 at 12x (and get satisfactory results), so doubt it worth trying with these.