Anyone burn workin copy of Soldier of fortune?



Hi has anyone burnt a working copy of soldier
of fortune? a burnt copy that doesn not need
a crack? If you have please email me with
information .. thanks in advance.


I don’t think you need a crack or else look on a crack site ( forgot the name of the game site but you could try ) Maybe you just only need a serial?


Yup i burns with Clone even onto a 74 minute CD. Clone warns you that it isn’t big enough but do it anyway, it’s just an empty audio track at the end. ps if you use a crack you can make a nice clean disc too.


Some of the fellas succesfully burned SOF, i know that they used a NO-CD patch. If you need a copy of the ISO to download, visit us pn IRC: #shadowkasters on NEWNET. Or you can download the SOF files on our site. Catch it before its gone. If you goto IRC tell them Uptown Sent ya!!

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