Anyone burn a benq dvd+r x8 (daxon z02) with liteon 411S

as liteon 411S only support daxon z01
if i burn with 411S, will it use a generic strategy or the daxon z01 one?
how is the burn?

Probably you mean DAXON AZ2. Unknown media codes are burned with the generic method at 2x, there is no best case matching. You can however add it to the firmware with the tool in my signature and swap the strategy using omnipatcher. Check the changing write strategies thread for details.

yup i mean daxon az2
daxon az1 is benq x4 and daxon az2 is benq x8
i guess the daxon az1 could be use to write the daxon az2 benq x8
but have anyone try it yet
cause i probably have to buy 100/200pcs daxon az2 benq x8 to get a better price

Just tried it, pretty good results except PI rises right at the end. Still better than other medias I’ve tried on this writer.

Hi Gang, I bought some of that Daxon AZ2 media (200 for $60.00 can) and my 1633s can only burn them at 6 speed, but the results are pretty good for 34 cents a peice media (I too was getting high PI count but the movies play perfect) and never fell below 93 on the Disc Quality score in CDSpeed if that mean anything (10 disc in a row in Nero) The disc got better down the cakebox and now they look like this. My brand new BenQ 1620 with burn these same disc at 12 speed with near identical results.