Anyone Backup DVD's on an OC'd PC?

I built a dual Xeon (server) just for DVD backup’s. Had a Pioneer A07D burner and a dvd rom that I could rip to the HD and burn at the same time and surf without any problems.

The Pioneer died so we got a Ben Q DW1655. Installed it as cable select (master) updated Nero, flashed the firmware, enabled booktype, in Qsuite and tried to burn a movie off the HD.

Got this error msg Error:
Cannot connect TRF
and was suggested to just use Nero cause Nero 6.6 was buggy.

The problem when it (dw1655) was installed every thing slowed down or took longer for an action to happen. ie, clicked on a window to close and took like a minute to close. This is when there was a disc in the burner.

Any help please or fix.

I’ve have heard that the Benq 1655 is supposed to be configured as the Master, not CS. Is DMA on for the IDE channel the burner is on? You can check this in your device manager.

6.6 produces that error out of Shrink! I had to go back to .18!

Yes DMA is enabled (forgot to list that) will add the jumper to make it master, but using cable select should work- shouldn’t it? It’s on the furthest connector and the slave or DVD rom dr is on the second connector.

I went back to and eairlier version than 18.

The problem of taking so long for windows to close or windows to open is that something to do with interrups??

It should, but make it the master and be done with it!
BIOS update and settings?

Be sure to make the other a slave!

will do- thanks