Anyone abbreviate titles when labeling discs



There’s usually not much space to write on a disc so I abbreviate whenever I can. Example: Firewall = FW, Underworld: Evolution = UW2, Skeleton Key = S. Key. Am I the only one?


Do you mean writing on the disc surface itself with a felt-tipped pen?

Nope, can’t say I do that.

I write on labels which I attach to the storage binder that I use to store my backups. Sometimes I use those evil paper envelope holder things and just write on the envelope.


I never write on a disc, I use printable discs :smiley:

As far as the volume label, I use abbreviations but include a DISC.ID file with more details inside the disc :slight_smile:






Idefinitely don’t abbreviate.

what happens when a year from now you’re looking through your movies trying to decide what to watch and you see FW?

it’s not like it’s a LOTR or something that is commonly referred to be an acronym. If i came across a FW dvd I would assume it’s a storage dvd full of past firmwares for me drives!

i use a sharpie and print full titles on the dvd itself.


I echo Forum Member reasonsnotrules above comments.

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