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you might want to follow the latest development of BackupHDDVD.



I think everyone has been following the great work being done by a great bunch of people that worked together after the initial release by Muslix64 :clap: :bow:


Yes, but, there are several “issues” to that approach. First, Tru will correctly point out that it doesn’t CRACK HD-DVD’s. You must have the title or volume key in order to decrypt the content. Second, it requires the ability to find a key in memory by searching through a running instance of WinDVD.

Since there is no automated way to get the keys as of yet and relies on attacking player software in memory to retrieve the keys, this approach is completely and totally useless to Slysoft.

Not that I don’t appreciate the BackupHDDVD hack as I think it shows a very good point that many of us have said over and over throughout the years…DRM is a waste of time and effort. There is ALWAYS a way around it.


SamuriHL. I see you speak for Slysoft. Are you employed buy Slysoft?


No I don’t. How, exactly, did you infer that I said I worked for Slysoft or that I was speaking FOR them from my reply?


SamuriHL. Second paragraph of post 3. You seem to know what Slysoft may want.


So…stating my opinion implies that I work for or am speaking for Slysoft? Riiiiggggghhhhhhhttttttt.


Oh I understand now. It is your opinion.


He never said he did.

coopervid linked to a thread about breaking HDDVD / Blu-Ray protections (DRM/AACS).

Based on what has been discussed in that thread so far, no protections have been “cracked.”

They can’t decrypt content unless they know the keys. That has always been the case.


That it was. I never stated otherwise. I didn’t state that it WAS an opinion, either, but, the fact that I never claimed to work for anyone or was posting for anyone should have given that away.

In any case, yes, it’s my opinion that this approach won’t work for an “AnyHD-DVD” type of software. Unless Slysoft intends to release a new version that includes a new key for every title released, the approach isn’t entirely viable. I’d imagine they’d rather crack the encryption rather than having to find keys all the time. Again, for the record, my opinion, not fact.


You must not have read the whole thread. They have find out how to get keys.


I guess there is no harm in spectulation since this approach is new but I sure would like to know if Slysoft is interested.


They do know how to get the keys, yes, but, it’s not automated and requires utilizing an inherant flaw in software players. So, to make this approach work you need one of the following:

-Slysoft would need to either have a predefined list of keys, which in my opinion is an unworkable approach

-or would have to figure out a way to automate the memory scanning approach which would require you to have a specific software player that they know about and can work with which is also unworkable IMO

I’ve been wrong before, so, it’s possible I’m wrong here.


I’m not sure if they’re interested in this approach, but, we were told they ARE indeed looking at HD-DVD(unknown whether that includes BluRay afaik) so there’s hope.


Cool down boys…

I just wanna let you know that we keep an eye on the doom9 thread.

And yes, we are working on our own solution - but I can’t talk about the hows and whens.

And yes, SamuriHL is right. :clap:



Thanks for the information. I wish Slysoft good luck as HD-DVD seems to be the future.


YEY! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see what you guys have cooked up for us. Oh wait, I guess I need an HD-DVD setup. Well um, tell ya what…when I get my DLP tv sometime this year I’ll consider getting an xbox 360 hd-dvd addon so I can play with whatever you clever boys and girls (um, I assume you have girls working there?! :smiley: ) come up with. That’ll be fun!


When its time for HD-DVD I want a little red fox on my screen.


You got that right. My HTPC will NOT be getting HD-DVD until that happens for sure.


Not yet. :bigsmile: