AnyDVD's own forum?



Just got an email from Slysoft saying they just opened their own forum.

I thought they used this one. Does this mean official support will cease for AnyDVD on this forum now or are they going to do both?


i’ve just asked this question on SS’s own forum, hopefully it’ll be both


Yes it will be both. I just recieved my e-mail also.


I’m a member :cool:

I like the Delete Post feature there lol I already had to use it :o


Is it just me or is their forum real slow?


Hi :slight_smile:
It’s a bit slow. Still got some tweaking to do,as some functions don’t work.Quite a response for a 1st day don’t you think?


It’s slow here also. I imagine it will be better in the future.

And we won’t have to put up with the Slysoft bashers :cool: :clap:


Yes, I noticed a large amount of traffic. Figured that might have something to do with the speed.
Does look good though.


It has had a tremendous responce after their e-mail, 2,000 members in 24 hours, they will fix the bandwidth problem I am sure.


I’m on there as well. Looks nice. Hopefully we’ll continue to get great info in both places. Not everyone knows about CDF so if they can reach more users with their forum, that’s great!


I just hope that with SlySoft now having their own Forum will not dilute the evolvement and presence SlySoft Technical Staff has had at the CD Freaks AnyDVD/CloneDVD/CloneCD Forums.



Good to have SS just became a member myself


I joined CDF’s looking for a guide to use Anydvd and CloneDVD2 then found info on my old NEC 2510. If they would have had this forum back then i don’t know if i would have found CDF’s


Great that Slysoft has their own forum! Sure hope they have better luck with own forum than Fengtao had.
As I recall, a year or so ago (maybe longer?), Fentao had his own forum for support for DvdFab, but it but it was constantly being hacked and taken down by someone. Fortunately, he was able to move his support forum to here at CDF, which I presume is more secure.


How is there already over 2,500 members?


Butt loads of emails sent out i’d say.


I didn’t receive an e-mail about it.


I didn’t either but know we know :slight_smile:


Everyone will recieve an e-mail. Slysoft will still be very active here, but it is nice to have a place for support issues too. :clap:


The Slysoft forum has been tweaked now, it is no longer slow.:clap: