Anydvd's future



I have this worrying feeling that anydvd may stop after the bluray craze starts off. What do you believe will happen with anydvds future?


Either one would do me, I can’t see myself venturing into bluray etc for quite some time!


Could be a very interesting year. :sad:


What Bluray Ray craze??? I don’t think there will be one!!! I think Bluray will die a quick death and disappear very quickly. They messed there timing up of launching it in a big way. They should have waited a few more years before introducing it to the market. DVD only started becoming very popular in the last year or two with the general public and yet to still take off in a big way in the third word. Lot of the general public just brought a DVD player or recorder and not going to go out and spend more money on something new this soon. Don’t worry DVD will be here and going strong for a very long time, long after Bluray has died and people have forgotten about it.


Personally I hope bluray flops on its face when it comes to movies. I can see the point in the data side but I think its too much space for a movie.


Well said and…ditto… :iagree:


Lets give it some time to see if infact it does get out in the wild world, then give the code people some time to take a good look under the hood and see what can be done. When it finally is hacked it could very well put an end to this madness of special players, special video cards, and special magic cables. They got alot of $$$$ tied up in this and will only take one unhappy worker walking out the door with a floppy in their pocket that contains all the secrets. I see that as an end to the MS Drm as many are no longer happy working there either. What a better way to get even with your ex boss. It only takes one.


I am not even that sure on the data market for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. In the industry I work, we do not use optical media for backing up important data as a company policy. Anything really important goes onto magnetic tape. There is still a lot of questions about the longevity of optical media, which seemed to get worse when DVD±R media starting taking over from CD-R. Will the newxt generation of optical media be even worse???


I would not mind a 500 gig data storage device (burner) but it has along way to go to prove its content will be around a year later. But at these prices I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The only way to bring down the prices is in the music / video volume markets. But given its current form and so many restrictions it just isn’t gona fly. And with all those restrictions comes no incentive to even design a burner. If you can’t copy something what’s the point. So IMHO it will flop around for a little while as they see if people are going to put out the cash for those new compliant $3000 TV’s, Those $500 video cards, Those $1500 monitors, Those new motherboards and computer systems with the magic chips, and those special magic $100 cables. Im pretty realistic and I don’t see it happening. The content will show up on P2P probably the same day as the release as usual. You might not get to see it in HD but who cares.
They (Hollywood and the manufactures) should cut their losses by removing these restrictions that will be broken in due course or they will be eating billions in losses. Most people don’t mind staying on the legal side of things but if the restrictions get to much or the price becomes to high guess where they are going to get it from. Oh well their problem not mine.


Well when it’s time then we would see what happen, i say only psp umd discs/movies.
Sony has definetely problems to sell their movies on umd, no interests. And when it continues it could die or something must be changed to make it attractive. The same could happen to bd and hddvd it depends on the start also. The first burners and discs are ready to be launched but without me.


Because HD is based on both media and hardware protection it would be very hard to guess what role Slysoft might play in the future if any. But we are way ahead of ourself right now. Only a few if any have the drives and media. Somebody has to open the hood and look inside first. And I doubt there will be any shortage of people looking under that hood. What bragging rights :iagree:

Headline: Hacker cost entertaiment industry $100 billion in losses as protection is cracked. Microsoft stock drops 60% as the market opens. Many studios file for bankrupcy protection. More news at 11:00