AnyDVD's delima with unprotected DVD's

Guys, I use AnyDVD with my Pioneer DVR108 Drive(patched to rpc1) on an Win XP prof box, I have faced no problems in transcoding or playing protected DVD movies and movies from regions other than my region. Problem starts from no where when I try some unprotected DVD’s. I reckon they donot even have a region code set. This causes ANyDVD to throw an error dialog with title " Warning :Cannot Failed to read DVD" (Exact message in attached image).
Further if I proceed to play the DVD using PowerDVD, PowerDVD pops up with an “Damaged Disk or Dirty Media” error. If tried to copy using CloneDVD ,it pops up with error “file read error”

Once You get an error, even protected dvd’s does behave as descibed above

I have seen one post in this forum

the work around given to this problem is disabling AnyDVD while using unprotected DVD’s
I even find even this does not work. Only work arround I normally do in those cases is Disable AutoStart of AnyDVD and then reboot the system. This will solve the problem but it’s damn frustrating.

Has anyone experianced such troubles.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions . :bow:

Are you using NVidia, ATI, INTEL or VIA IDE Busmaster drivers? If yes, try to use the standard Microsoft Busmaster drivers instead.

Dear PioneerFan,

I cannot reproduce this problem, but I believe that I found the cause.

Please try this beta version:

I hope, this fixes this problem once and for all. Please tell me, if I am right.