AnyDVDHD Final Discussion Thread 2017 05 22
New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
New (DVD): Support for new discs
Fix (Blu-ray): The feature, which helps non-licensed Blu-ray players (Kodi, VLC, Media Players, …) to pick the correct playlist for the main feature, did not work with some discs
Included a security update of ElbyCDIO.sys.
A malicious program could gain administrative rights using ElbyCDIO.sys on Windows XP and the 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

the file is infected do not download and install this please see the redfox forum:

The links in this forum are clean. I have checked them with Redfox. EDIT alan1476

No I have no idea where you got the link for that from, that a logo.

I downloaded mine from the link here and there are no signs of any issues.

The links here are clean. The infected link is 14.0 mbs, the real link here is 13.45mbs

Thank you for changing the link it now downloads the correct installer.

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Again, I am sorry this happened, I think its browser related, I use Chrome, what browser do you use.

Firefox Alan

All the download from Chrome were not redirected, I dont know what the other members are using. But the Chrome link was not redirected.

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Downloaded from using FireFox 53.0.3 and also IE 11.1198.14393.0. File size was 13.5MB (13.45MB)?. In both cases, Norton Security Suite says it’s infected and immediately removes it. Can RedFox supply a legitimate version in a safe location for it’s users?

Someone suggested just using the IP Address for download. Can some tell me exactly what that IP Address is?

You will have to get that from the Redfox forum, your issue is your DNS Cache The 13.45mb is good. No issues.