AnyDVDHD Beta Discussion Thread 2016 06 19
New (Blu-ray): Added subtitle vertical border option for 21:9 displays or
constant image height projection setups
New (Blu-ray): Added subtitle transparency option for home theater setups
New (Blu-ray): Added subtitle movement option
New (Blu-ray): Added subtitle placement preset for 16:9 subtitles on 21:9 display
New (Blu-ray): Added subtitle placement preset for 21:9 subtitles on 16:9 display
New (Blu-ray): Improved ScreenPass support
New (Blu-ray): Allow modifications (region lock, annoyances, …) with copies
New (Blu-ray): Driver uses much less memory
New (Blu-ray): Support for new discs
New (DVD): Support for new discs
New: With most computers a reboot is no longer required after driver installation
New: Show hour difference, if computer clock is not set correctly
Some minor fixes and improvements
Updated languages

Thanks Alan. :cool:

I literally just installed the earlier version at the weekend so it’s already time to update! :slight_smile:


THX for the info,Alan! :slight_smile: