AnyDVD5956 & DVDD3540 settings



Was just re-reading my post from earlier in the year …

I’m back to looking at paying for the latest AnyDVD (v5.9.5.6) to supplement DVDDecrypter so I can do ISO Reads (ISO & MDS file creation to HDD for burning later back to DL media, whenever it gets cheap enough).

This is because I ran into trouble with ‘CAPOTE’ (Source Media Copyright Protection System Type: CSS/CPPM, Source Media Implementation Identifier: Daikin U.S. Comtec Lab). First time I’ve seen DVDD3540 fail with Daikin CSS/CPPM. DVDD3540 backed up another recent release of theirs, ‘DERAILED’, no problems (?)

Unless I’m missing some late-breaking info about other available ripper apps or updated features in CloneDVD2 (v2.8.5.1 - was what I’ve tried already), I would still rather use DVDD3540 so that my DL layer break info is preserved as per the original disc, and, so that I get everything on the disc - the DVD-ROM (PC Autorun) content (, and, all the other annoying crap).

To recap, in DVDD3540, per Olli of CloneCD and CloneDVD2 fame, I know I need to use:

Tools>Settings>I/O: ‘ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes’,
Tools>Settings>General>Options: (uncheck) ‘Check For Structure Protection’.

T1249NTSCJ also made reference to “removal method disabled” … I wonder, was he talking about (unchecking) ‘Remove Macrovision Protection’ on the tab General>Options? Or, maybe he was really meaning about the (unchecking of) ‘Check For Structure Protection’, as per Olli?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide, FFF


From the AnyDVD revision history:

  • Note: To use DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD set I/O Model to SPTI or ElbyCDIO.
    Set CSS Cracking method to none. Disable checking for structure


It should also be noted the CloneCD can be used to create DVD images that preserve the layer break information. I’ve been using CloneCD quite a bit lately to make DL backups of my discs with flawless success.


You know I’m glad this topic was made because I’m come across a problem recently with this new version of DVD Decrypter and I need some help here. After installing the updated, Decrypter will only rip at a rate of 2.0x. This problem is occuring with my Plextor 716A and I should note that this is the first time it’s happening. Any ideas of how to resolve the issue, just ripped Episode III, Rambo First Blood & The Insider. Ripping at 2X for three times in a row isn’t exactly a coincidence. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Do you have enabled “[B]Enable SpeedRead DVD (Plextor)[/B]” in [I]Tools -> Settings -> Device[/I]?

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This setting would be found on Decrypter or Plextools software? I’ll rip with that disabled on Decrypter and post back. :doh:

Just checked both AnyDVD & Decrypter settings and speedread is unchecked. Would seem strange why this would occur after the upgrade. :confused:


T1249NTSCJ … I’ve noted that you have referred to “this new version of DVD Decrypter” or " the updated, Decrypter" …

The last issue of DVD Decrypter was v3.5.4.0 and was a little over a year ago … my copy is dated 07APR05 … are we talking about the same proggy?

The “[B]Enable SpeedRead DVD (Plextor)[/B]” setting can be found in [I]DVD Decrypter[/I], as described by eltranquil … look at lower right portion of the Device tab for a second Options section … and let us know if that particular setting is affecting your 716A rip speed wudja’?

Thanks, FFF


I’m sorry perhaps it’s because my day has been a bit chaotic but enable speedread should be enabled or disabled?


@ T1249NTSCJ,

Perchance did you read Forum Member eltranquil posting #5 and Forum Member Frankenstien posting #7 in this thread?

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So … T1249NTSCJ … what’s the verdict?

What were your rip speed results with “[B]Enable SpeedRead DVD (Plextor)[/B]” (in DVDD3540) enabled (default [with proviso - I have Plextor PX-716A, like you, and PlexTools Professional v2.32a]) vs. disabled?

What about with AnyDVD5956 Settings > Drive > Speed - Enable Speed Control enabled (DVD Video setting?) vs. disabled (default)?

What about with PlexTools Professional v2.32a Drive Settings > Advanced > Enable SpeedRead CD/DVD enabled vs. disabled (default)?

And, of course, all the variant possibilities with combinations of the above?

And, why did you find it necessary to go beyond the ‘AnyDVD History’ (changes.txt) DVDDecrypter settings recommendations (as of AnyDVD v5.9.1.1, 15FEB06), as you outlined in your PM to me:

“unticked “Remove Macrovision Protection” in the General tab;
[unticked “Check for Structure Srotection” in the General tab;]
unticked all marks except “Create MDS file” in the ISO Read Mode tab;
[selected “None” as “CSS Cracking Method” in the CSS tab;]
unticked “Detect Mastering Errors” in the CSS tab (actually it should be deselected by default);
[selected “ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes” as “Interface” in the I/O tab]”

[] denotes settings changes redundant to ‘AnyDVD History’ recommendations …

Just curious.



Apologies about the last few posts, I must’ve really been out of it. Well my results with speedread enabled for my Plextor DVD burner were quite positive, back up to their normal speeds of 10X ripping speeds and higher. With it disabled I can get no more than 2.1X ripping speeds even on DVDs dating back to the original Matrix film which didn’t have any copy protection worth mentioning. As for those Decrypter settings, I remember someone posting exactly what I had suggested. It was froma reliable member here so I decided to go that route as well.